Rock Band Supplemental 11-20-2007

9:00 PM. Wow Barry can’t sing. Will update later. – Basil

9:04 PM. It’s fun watching Eric twitch trying to activate Star power. – Basil

9:25 PM. Jesus. Barry really can’t sing. – Eric

9:27 PM. Starting our own band. Still not King. – Eric

9:51 PM. Barry is about to try and sing again. Let’s see how this develops… – Basil

10:05 PM. OH GOD THE PAIN – Eric

10:24 PM. WE GOT A VAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -Basil

10:29 PM. Singing is my favorite part of the game…and I’m not bad at it (game wise) but God do I feel bad for those around me – Eric.

10:35 PM. I concur with the feeling bad for being around him. ^_- -Basil.

11:56PM. Well we played till around 11-11:15, then I have had to come back home. In conclusion: Barry hates the mic, likes the guitar. Eric and Susie love the mic, are ambivalent on the guitar. I like the mic, would rather ignore guitar. We all love the drums but none of us where uber great at them. -Basil

Top 5 Video games huh…

So two guys on my ye o’ flist have posted their top 5 video games… Man, I wish I could do that. I’ve played and enjoyed so many over the years that I really don’t know if I could ever parse it down to only five. Wow. But what they hey I’ll give it a shot, though in generalities and also in bullet point form. Since narrowing it down to 5 at all is crazy, I’d kill myself trying to decided out of those five which I like better.

  • Some form of Mario game. Normally this is held my the original Yoshi’s Island as I feel it is the best 2D platformer ever made. However Mario Galaxy is shaping up to be the greatest 3D platformer ever made to date so now I’ll all conflicted.
  • A Final Fantasy game. Either 4, 6, 12, or Tactics. This choice literally changes every day, but will always be one of those four.
  • A Phoenix Wright game. Either the 1st one or the 3rd one. Right now I want to say the 3rd one but only because it builds so well from the 1st. … And the second one. Crap. They should just make one awesome compilation game that includes all three games so I don’t have to to choose.
  • Streetfighter/Samurai Shodown. I will accept SF3 Third Strike, SF Alpha 3, SS2, or SS4. I love them all and cannot choose
  • Metal Gear Solid. Either the original/Twin Snakes or MGS3 Snake Eater/Subsistence. I love the narrative, the story telling, the action yet stealth action, the 67 hour cut scenes, all of it. While I currently have no intentions of buying a PS3 if MGS 4 ends up never coming to 360 I’ll hunker down and buy one just for the next installment.

Honorable Mentions (I told you only picking 5 was hard!):

  • Contra 4. While I’ve never been a huge Contra fan, a casual one at bes, I’m loving the mess out of this game. I am also very bad at it. But I don’t care.
  • A shmup. These are like chocolate to me. I love them in almost any form and they are very bad for me (or rather I am very bad at them) but I play them anyway. Over half of my Virtual Console games on my Wii are shmups as well as most of the games I have downloaded via GameTap. Blazing Star, Twinkle Star Sprites, and Gates of Thunder currently top the list.

So there you have it. I guess that works. I’m sure I’ll have a different order when I wake up, but this seems pretty solid.

PS: Mista Elvis I finally got that whole thing with the writing bits fixed so you can check it out now. So can anyone else if they are so inclined.

 Edit: ARGH I FORGOT BOMBERMAN! I LOVE BOMBERMAN! Yeah screw this whole Top 5 thing this sucks.

Egads another update!?

Yeah, another update in less than a month WTH me?! Well I might as well update the LJ icon to my holiday one, now that the retail holiday season is upon us and all.

So, I have now gotten all my old write-y bits up on the main site, including stuff I haven’t had up in a while. Like the stuff I wrote for Animefringe and Link and Silent Mario Strikes Back, which seemed all cool and perhaps even meta back before Twilight Princess came out a 1000 years ago. But there they are immortalized for all eternity in case for some strange reason people want to read my old stuff.

Next up on the To-Do list is to get up all my stuff that I pass off as graphic design. That one is going to take a while to do as I have a lot of stuff to sift through… As I’ve displayed the stuff besides whatever it was I was using for at the time. Chances are… It’ll be a crapton of HAAS stuff with a hint of choir. But I’ll deal with that next week.

For now, it’s all about Mario Galaxy (IE greatest game evar!).

This is a test

I’m switching over to WordPress as my main website, so that’s how I’ll be blogging from now on. However I have this plugin thingie that allows me to crosspost all my blog entires to LJ so you won’t miss a single ME beat!

You know, for my posts every 1000 millennia…

So this is my first post to test this new thingie.