My dream anime~

So, I had a dream last night.

Now, I don’t really remember most of the dream, but I do remember what happened at the end. Whatever I was dreaming about abruptly ended as I then remembered some old anime I watched back in the day. It was an early 90s OAV, called Drill Knight, I think. I remembering it having drills, roses, castles, modern day cities, and sort of 70s throw back character designs. I’m pretty sure the Drill Knight guy was a cyborg, and his finishing attack had rockets spring out from his back as his sword turned into a drill before he ran the enemy through. Which would then end with a gigantic explosion filled with fire and roses. It was a 6-part OAV, released on VHS from ADV Films, and Kevin and I never finished because we could never find that last tape.

… In retrospect I think this was actually my brain mixing in Giant Robo, Utena, and with a dash of Rocket Knight.

Which really would in fact be my dream anime.

I’m not sure if Viz is a genius, or stupid.

So Viz has decided to take up the 24-hour anime network baton and has begun running it to… some… video game console… that they won’t talk about yet. They call it Neon Alley. It’s not styled like On Demand, like say Netflix or Hulu Plus. No, it is to be much like an actual TV channel, complete with, ahem, “limited” commercials… Even though it’s going to cost you 7 bones a month to subscribe to. It’s also going to have dubbed exclusives, like Tiger and Bunny! Oh! And er, Kekkaishi? Dubbed you say? That’s because it will only feature dubs. None of that high and mighty subtitled Japanese crap on Neon Alley, no sir! And, well…

I have no idea what the hell is going on here. This is either going make VIz and mint or it’s going to crash a burn. I think which of those two options will be determined by who signs on for it.

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