Anime Weekend Atlanta 15

So I guess this weekend is AWA! I’ll be running around like crazy!

Hopefully, it’ll be fun!

I’ll be in the Anime Podcasters Roundtable on Saturday, 6:30 – 7:30 PM, Kennesaw Ballroom. You can hear me blab aloud IN PERSON.

James and (the illustrous DJ Inubito) and hid fellow DJ Cynispin along with some other anime fan DJs are passing out 200 copies of their latest CD release, “Renegade Remix Force.” It’s chock-full of anime and video game remixes and I banged my hands at the computer till a cover design came out. Good times!

Whomever is going this year, I’ll see you there!


So we did some podcastsand I forgot to plug them! I’m so bad at this internet thing.

We also have done one on WEBCOMICS! But I never had a chance to make an image for that one.

I am currently sitting in my hotel room at Dragon*Con, and way more awake than I have any right to be! I suppose I could be out there doing stuff, but nope here I am poking away at my laptop. I saw Alex White and then Jessi before I hit the PreReg line, that was cool. I also saw Evali but she was so busy rushing off I didn’t get the chance to say hello. I guess I am also bad at this whole social thing, too!

Now off to EXCIETEMENT! Or poking at the internet some more.