OSMcast and MTAC

So last year myself and intrepid podcast buddies went to MTAC last year, and it was a blast.

This year, the OSMcast is again going to MTAC this year, but this time we’re going to be press. Very awesome.

So I need to know who are going to be my OSMbuddies for this venture. (I’m looking at you:  Eric, James, Lee, Kevin, Brad. I’m looking at you.) Also anyone else that wants to go, really. MTAC is April 3rd-5th. While the initial press pass was free, the rest we have to pay for. If we pay by Feb 28th, it’s $35 a head unless we can get 5+ people to go, then it’s $28. Since my press badge is free, I’ll be compensating the OSMcast dudes the diffrence of $35/28 to spread the wealth as it were. 

The hotel is apperently book already and they haven’t listed any overflow hotels yet. Todd, you are a wiz at cheaper hotels that are close to cons, do you know of any good places? 

So let me know if anyone is interested. This should be a blast. 

PS: I may also see about getting some OSMcast Tshirts made.

A conversation in the men's dressing room before the Bernstein concert.

Me: Have you checked out the trailer for 9?

Tenor: Nope.

Me: Oh it’s a movie that Tim Burton produced, but it’s look an action flick…

Tenor: Oh I hate Tim Burton.

Me: No dude, it’s Tim Burton but with explosions

Tenor: I don’t think you understand how much I hate his movies.


Tenor: Basil, I’m not straight enough for explosions to matter so much as to disuade me from my hatred of Tim Burton.

Me: Then there’s nothing I can do.