The Greatest Story Ever Told…?

Joss Whedon apparently got stir-crazy during that Writers’ Strike thing a little while back and cooked up a super-villain musical in his spare time. He’s putting it up in parts over this week (Part 1 is up now!) but on the 20th it all goes away (until you know, iTunes and eventually DVD). So you should really go watch it now as soon as you have the chance. It’s pretty amazing, and totally great.

Props go to Matt Cruea who threw me the link via his LJ.

Some thoughts before sleepy-time

  1. I had forgotten that the line “We’re sending someone in to negotiate!” came from The Fifth Element. I ended seeing it Sunday, and man, I had forgotten how epic, dumb, and still just plain fun that movie was. We need more sci-fi movies that stupidly awesome like that.
  2. Also, I had forgotten that the “helpless ‘female’ please-save-me” character was played by Chris Rock Tucker. And he’s fantastic at it.
  3. And that movie’s soundtrack is still awesome.
  4. My dogs can be kinda cute at times. This thought has nothing to do about The Fifth Element.