hay guys pt2

A while back it was announced that Bioware was making a Sonic RPG. And then we heard nothing.

And then tonight I saw this:

But wait, there’s more! Check it out!

Looks like once again someone knows Sonic better than the current SEGA.

hay guys

The Persona Trinity Soul anime just dropped in the fansubs sites.

Impressions to follow shortly.

EDIT: 26 seconds in, boy they didn’t wait to pull out the opera chick singing stuff! Awesome.

Opening song: It works, though not as awesome as P3’s. Same for the animation. Pretty cool, but not quite as cool.


12 minutes in and awesome orchestra track w/ rap just kicked in and it sounds like it could have come straight from the game! HELL YES!

16:30ish in OH MAN the Dark Room music just started playing! OH MAN!!!!!!!!!

Okay in conclusion I think this anime is going to be pretty sweet.

The Queue

Well, I guess it’s now 2008. Still feels like 2007, but that’s OK. From what I understand many people have these “resolutions” or somesuch. I have a few myself but instead of throwing them out all at once I’ll probably make several different posts.

One of them is to post in my blog more, you see.

But today’s resolution is: The Queue. I’ve been having a bit of Gamer ADD for a few years now. I’ll buy a game, play it for a little bit, then just stop. From what I have seen it’s actually pretty common among gamers at least ones that post in some of the same forums as I do. So this is where The Queue comes in. I have a back log of games, and there games I really really want to play in the future. So each month I plan on beating 1-2 of my old games and trying one new game (as long as there is a new game I want that month, otherwise old games for me yay!). The goal will probably be one action game and one RPG, as two RPGs would be crazy. So that said here is The Queue for January 2008:

  • RPG: Persona 3
  • NotRPG: Mario Galaxy
  • New Game: Burnout Paradise

I’m kinda going easy on myself to start off with. I’ve made big inroads in both of my old games (as they are my most favorite games of 2007) and I really, really want to finish both. I’ve also been utterly smitten by the Burnout Paradise demo and I cannot wait for Jan 22 to arrive. Seriously guys this is the best racer I’ve played since Mario Kart: Double Dash. It might even be better, I dunno. I guess I’ll find out.

But there we go. One day I’m going to catalog my enormous backlog of games I own and want to beat so I can really kick this up a notch.

My nest Resolutions Post should be even more OSM. I hope.