Egads another update!?

Yeah, another update in less than a month WTH me?! Well I might as well update the LJ icon to my holiday one, now that the retail holiday season is upon us and all.

So, I have now gotten all my old write-y bits up on the main site, including stuff I haven’t had up in a while. Like the stuff I wrote for Animefringe and Link and Silent Mario Strikes Back, which seemed all cool and perhaps even meta back before Twilight Princess came out a 1000 years ago. But there they are immortalized for all eternity in case for some strange reason people want to read my old stuff.

Next up on the To-Do list is to get up all my stuff that I pass off as graphic design. That one is going to take a while to do as I have a lot of stuff to sift through… As I’ve displayed the stuff besides whatever it was I was using for at the time. Chances are… It’ll be a crapton of HAAS stuff with a hint of choir. But I’ll deal with that next week.

For now, it’s all about Mario Galaxy (IE greatest game evar!).

One thought to “Egads another update!?”

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